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(Dating au) ((I wanna do some cute Death Glare things before they make up again, and I wanna do more with that au. What do you say?)) The commander knocked on his boss's door, then as he waited for him to open up, he broadly grinned and checked his box, then tucked it back behind him. Hopefully he'd like it...
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((Sounds good to me! ^v^))

The skeleton uselessly pulled and tugged the wire of his controller as he pushed furiously at the buttons, tilting the controller at random angles as he played his video games. Heaven forbid he ever learned to drive a real car, considering how he was driving this one!

Oops. Hit another pedestrian. Oh, well. Hadn’t liked her anyway. Stupid haircut.

He paused as he heard the knock at the door, then grumbled angrily and hit the pause button. The police on that game had already turned his mood sour, he didn’t need another annoyance to make it worse. Lord Hater stomped over to his door and threw it open, “What?!”


As soon as Hater saw Peepers, his heart practically stopped. Oh, grop. Oh, grop, oh, grop, oh, grop - oh, zrebdank! Oh, he had to fix this somehow!

“Uh…” The skeleton muttered, unsure of what to say. He felt himself sweat beneath his cloak as the nervousness set into his tummy; a swarm of butterflies coming together to brush their wings against the lines of his stomach; twisting it painfully. “U-Uh…I…uh…w-what…?”

Peepers let out a small, relieved sigh when he saw that he wasn’t mad after all, then moved his hands a tad closer, all while avoiding looking him in the eye. Well, his awkward act was better than his yelling. Besides, it was pretty cute when he acted like this…

He forced a broad smile, then cheerfully chirped, “You’ll find out when you open it, won’t you~?”

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When Peepers saw his husband watching a movie on their bed, he plopped down next to him and grumbled, "...I don't care what you say, I'm gonna do it..."
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The skeleton barely even noticed what he said at first, or that he was even there in the first place; his attention on the movie alone. After a moment of stuffing popcorn into his mouth, the overlord looked down, his hand shoved into his mouth, “Huh? What?”


Peepers rolled his eyes for what had to be the thousandth time during this conversation, then lowered his head and grumbled something under his breath. There was so many things wrong with what he was saying that it was hard to keep from correcting.

Well of course he’s loyal, it’s his empire. It’s not too hard to be loyal to yourself, is it?

Hater’s horns twitched as he swore he heard Peepers grumble something, then he frowned down at him, “What was that?”

Peepers simply shook his head and looked away. Like hell he’d repeat it, he was lucky that he got him to say anything at all. He had to be more careful so he wouldn’t slip up again…



"Not really, I don’t think he understands the value of clothes…"

"True,…so r u going kiss?"

"W-wait, why do you ask!?"

"Like hell I would!"

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The bedroom door opened and Hater wandered in, looking tired, “Hey, Peepers?” He called to his husband, “I think Pandora -” He paused at the sight before him. What…What the hell was that on their bed?! That lump in their blanket? Was something...hiding beneath it?
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When Peepers heard him, he curled up tighter under the covers and pulled his blanket closer. Shit, there was no way he’d recognize him! He’d probably think he was some intruder and attack him. Maybe he’d just go away, then he can slip off later to get rid of this?

"You’ll have to take care of it yourself, I’m not feeling well…"

Pandora lifted her head a little to explain, “You’re Papa! And you’re not supposed to know!” She curled up again, beginning to cry quietly to herself.

Peepers sighed and pointed at himself with his thumb. Wait, was that seriously what was wrong? Besides, it’s not like he lied to her or anything… So she didn’t listen to him before, that was on her.

"To be fair, I did tell you who it was and why I was like this when I came in… And don’t worry, I won’t tell daddy. Heh, and I guess I won’t tell myself either, will I?”

Second in Commands (closed rp)

“Oh, you know,” Kaz shrugged, still looking amused, “just curious. Still find it offensive, though, that you haven’t heard of me. He never talk of someone who he use to see everyday?” His amused smile dropped, “Maybe someone who constantly reminded him of what a parasite he is?”

Wait, that sounded familiar… His eye widened for an instant when he realized who he was, then his expression hardened into a glare. He clenched his fists and trembled slightly as he struggled to hold back his rage. Maybe he should get out of here before he did something he’d regret. 

He stuffed his hands back into his pockets and turned to go. “Yeah, now I know who you are. Also, like I said before you rudely pulled me back, I should probably get going.”



When you’re short and people pat your head.




"I guess that make sense and I bet you like him as a watchdogs, right?"

"Not really, I don’t think he understands the value of clothes…"

Extended Vacation ( closed RP )


Wait, Wander seriously wanted to do it? But what if someone caught them? Then again, that’s why he asked how quiet he could be, wasn’t it? Besides, he had to admit that the risk was kinda thrilling… 

Peepers studied the room in amazement. How did he manage to build all of that so quickly? And how did it manage to stay together, when his tiny castle fell apart at the slightest poke?

Wait, what was that about cleaning it today? It’d only been around for less than half an hour, hadn’t it? “Hah, nah, don’t worry, it doesn’t look that bad.”

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Are you still a star nomad?

Normal au:

"Not any more!"

Death Glare au:

He simply frowned and nodded.